2018 TIBE Book Prizes TIBE Book Prize Winners Unveiled, NMTL and Eslite Bookstore to Show Fascinating Exhibitions
18 January 2018 / 2018TIBE

2018 TIBE Book Prizes

TIBE Book Prize Winners Unveiled,

NMTL and Eslite Bookstore to Show Fascinating Exhibitions


Taipei Book Fair Foundation (TBFF) announced the 2018 Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) Book Prize winners on January 9th. TIBE also introduced the National Museum of Taiwan Literature (NMTL) special exhibition at TIBE 2018 and various Eslite Bookstore events.


This year’s Fiction category winners include both veteran and rookie novelists, while the Non-fiction category praises both literary achievements and examination of social issues. The Editing prize, awarded only the second time, emphasizes the editors’ execution ability and agility. The list of winners showcases the diverse competencies of Taiwan’s publishing industry.


The winners of the 2018 TIBE Book Prizes were named on January 9th as follows:


Fiction category:

  Jin Yu-cheng (金宇澄)

  Huang Chong-kai (黃崇凱)

  Chou Fen-ling (周芬伶)

Non-fiction category:

Lin Yu-li (林育立)

Lee Hsin-lun (李欣倫)

Lee Wen-shine (李玟萱)

Editing prize (Self-Production category):

  Wang Fan (王梵), Chuang Jui-lin (莊瑞琳) (Acropolis; Central Geological Survey, Ministry of Economic Affairs)

Editing prize (Non-Self-Production category):

  Chia Shih-chiang (嘉世強), Cheng Ya-ching (鄭雅菁) and Chang Wei-ting (張瑋庭) (China Times Publishing Co.)




Celeste Ting Hsiao-ching, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Culture, pointed out that the prizes not only reflect Taiwan’s unique yet diverse cultural landscape through the winners’ works, but also draw much attention every year. James. Chao, chairman of TBFF, also said that TBFF aims to promote creative writing and reading, and hence writers, editors, channels, and other actors in the sector all play key roles.


 “The Island Is Our Literature Museum” themed exhibition curated by NMTL is one of the special exhibitions in this year’s TIBE, guiding the audience to learn more about Taiwan literature through demonstration of the 25 literature museums across Taiwan and the “Taiwan Literature Landscape Reading and Creative Writing” App.


Eslite Bookstore will also showcase its 28 years of artisanship from 1989 until present through the special exhibition “Eslite Times” in this year’s TIBE, broadening our reading horizons through diverse feature selection, perspective in reading, and cross-border publishing, among others. In addition, Eslite also will introduce more yearly book recommendations to the general public through “Bookstore Artisanship” events and “2018 TIBE Book Prizes and the 14th Golden Butterfly Award Shortlist Special Exhibition” in the Dunnan branch and other branches.




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