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A series of forums and seminars on the publishing industry will be held at the TIBE; most of the prominent ones are held the day prior to the exhibition. Guest speakers from all over the world will be invited to share their opinions, insight, successful business experiences and more. Topics vary from book design, digital publishing, readership in ASEAN countries, children’s book and so on. Be part of the program and get updated on the industry with us.



2016 Guest of Honor

TIBE 2016 will feature Guest of Honor, Hungary, along with its colorful cultural heritage. Hungary will showcase a diverse lineup of Hungarian publications, authors and illustrators.


Rights Center

Book your table at the most important rights platform for promoting publishing offers and conducting follow-through negotiations.


TIBE is recognized as the hub for Chinese-language publishing and rights negotiation. Based on an appointment-only entrance system, the TIBE Rights Centre provides a private, comfortable meeting space for publishers, agents and editors from around the world to meet face-to-face.


Books Meet Films Forum

Book Meets Film Forum is a pitching platform that aims to facilitate collaborations between Chinese-language publishing and Film/TV industries. Started in 2012, 132 one-on-one meetings were arranged successfully.


IN Focus: TIBE Forums for Publishing Professionals

TIBE is a multi-dimensional platform for the publishing industry. By discussing hot issues and introducing the latest trends in different publishing sectors, our yearly forums provide international publishing professionals and professional-minded readers a chance to further understand the Taiwan and Asian book market and to foster collaboration opportunities with this market.


International Publishing Forum

Bringing renowned publishers together, this forum aims to review and forecast the development of the international book market.


Digital Publishing Forum

Focusing on the continual growth of e-books in Chinese-language publishing, this forum sparks new ideas for the future based on a deep understanding of the status quo.


Librarian Workshop

Inviting representatives from important libraries all over Taiwan, this workshop aims to facilitate the exchange between libraries and publishers.


Fellowship Program

Inviting rights agencies and editors from all over the world, the Fellowship Programme aims to facilitate international exchanges and networking for rights professionals in practice.


Children’s Literature Forum

Due to the continual flourishing of Children’s books in Taiwan, this forum provides a chance to see the latest local publishing trends of this genre.


Books Design Forum

Aiming to broaden the horizons and expand the scope of the publishing industry, this forum introduces emerging graphic designers from Taiwan and other Asian countries. 



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