Taiwan Pavilion to feature award-winning author Chih-yuan Chen at Guadalajara International Book Fair 2015

The Taiwan Pavilion at the 2015 Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL) will be themed “Descubra Taiwán” from Nov. 28 to Dec. 6 in Mexico. Feature artist of this year’s Taiwan Pavilion is Chih-yuan Chen, whose Guji Guji recently won him the prestigious Peter Pan Prize, organized by the Swedish chapter of Zurich-headquartered International Board on Books for Young People. Along with 431 choice children’s books, Chen will demonstrate to the Latin American readers the robust development of illustrations and picture books in Taiwan.

Chen is one of Taiwan’s most promising children’s book authors. He is famed for the endearing style of his art and the ability to tell stories that transcends the barriers of culture and language. His works have found success in various countries, with Guji Guji breaking into the New York Times’ top 10 bestselling children’s picture books and selling over 55,000 copies in the U.S. in just three months. Chen is scheduled for a talk and a book signing on Nov. 29 with the readers of Latin America, where several of his books have been translated into Spanish.

Taiwan Pavilion adorned in festive Guji Guji theme

Organized by the Taipei Book Fair Foundation under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, the 72-square-meter Taiwan Pavilion is located at II10 of the International Area. The eye-catching magenta and yellow design of the pavilion will showcase the stellar lineup of beloved characters from Guji Guji, including the eponymous crocodile and his duck family.

In light of the recent enthusiasm for Mandarin Chinese learning in Latin America, the Taiwan Pavilion will have a section this year dedicated to the study, introducing to local readers 44 selected publications about Mandarin learning. In addition, a vast array of topics will serve to highlight the diverse achievements of children’s picture book publishing in Taiwan: these include pop-up books, titles with foreign language sales, digital publications, new titles (of children’s books, comics and graphic novels) as well as award-winning titles.

Guest of honor at FIL 2015: United Kingdom

Celebrating its 29th anniversary this year, the Guadalajara International Book Fair is the largest Spanish-language book fair of its kind worldwide, attracting an overall attendance of 760,000 in recent years. The United Kingdom, as this year’s guest of honor, is expected to send a 150-member delegation, including 28 celebrated authors, to the event for extensive exchanges in business, culture and education.

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