Taiwan Pavilion to Showcase Wide Variety of Aesthetics at 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair

This year the Taiwan Pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair will bring the country's foremost publishing creativity to the event by showcasing a diverse lineup of comics, design and paper-based book arts. Of special interest is Taiwan's legendary Oolong tea and its distinctive tea-drinking culture. Not only is the pavilion design based on the subject, but author Kiya Chang of celebrated comics "Formosa Oolong Tea" will be present at the event to make an insightful introduction.

Newcomer of the Year at the 2015 Golden Comic Awards, Chang will also hold two book-signing sessions Oct. 17. Born into a tea farmers' family in southern Taiwan's Chiayi County, she rose to fame with her debut "Formosa Oolong Tea," which tells the story of Scottish merchant John Dodd's collaboration with mainland Chinese comprador Li Chun-sheng and how they made the tea an overseas sensation by introducing it to New York in 1869. Her latest work "Formosa Oolong Tea II" picks up the where the story is left off and describes how the tea leaves were transported over mountains to the capital city Taipei and shipped worldwide through the port of Tamsui.

The Taiwan Pavilion is organized by Taipei Book Fair Foundation under the auspices of the ROC Ministry of Culture. Located at Hall 4.0 D50 of Messe Frankfurt, the pavilion is right next to China, Indonesia and Korea booths, forming a vast array of the latest publishing trends in Asia.

Also gracing the event with his presence, veteran journalist Chung-Mao Hsu is in the forefront of taking Taiwan's paper-based publishing to the next level. Using 3,000-plus photos shot by American pastor Barry L. Schuttler in the 1940s and 1950s, he created a large-sized picture book "Once Upon a Time in Taiwan." The limited-edition book represents immeasurable publishing value unmatched by Internet-generated contents with its immaculate writing and exquisite artwork.

Designer Pao-Chin Huang is set to hold a topical seminar "Guardian of Traditional Printing" at the pavilion as well. She will demonstrate the width and depth of Taiwan's homegrown book designs, which have won unanimous accolades all over the world in recent years. Huang's works have been honored by Germany's iF and Red Dot design awards in addition to Japan's Good Design Award. She approaches each project as an individual work of visual art and seeks to bring out the cultural background and feelings behind the book. Paper-based books will never cease to exist no matter how the reading media evolve, Huang said. Instead, she thinks books will be presented in an even more refined way going forward to continue the legacy of reading. Both Chung-Mao Hsu and Pao-Chin Huang will give a seminar Oct. 16 at the Taiwan Pavilion.

Two international copyright exchange sessions are also scheduled at the Taiwan Pavilion to promote multilateral interactions with Taiwanese publishers. The Oct. 14 session at 11:00 am will feature the participation of Câmara Brasileira do Livro as well as Japanese, Korean and Thai publishers. A matchmaking meeting will be staged during the Oct. 15 session at 10:00 with Magyar LapKiyadok Egyesülete (Hungarian Publishers' Association) to stimulate cross-border collaboration in the lead-up to the theme country event hosted by Hungary at the 2016 Taipei International Book Exhibition in Taiwan. 

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