Exhibition of Eileen’s Style to Shed Light on the Private World of Eileen Chang

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the death of Eileen Chang, the legendary Chinese author. In commemoration, the 2016 Taipei International Book Exhibition (TIBE) invited writer Man Chuan Chang to curate the “Exhibition of Eileen’s Style” in Hall 1 of the Taipei World Trade Center. The exhibition, with “love” as its theme, highlights the lasting literary legacy left by Eileen Chang. Thanks to the tremendous support from Dr. Roland Soong, the executor of Eileen Chang’s estate, and Mr. Yun Ping, the publisher of Crown Culture Corporation, the exhibition will feature the author’s illustrations, rare manuscripts and personal belongings, selected to reveal various aspects of her daily life. The exhibition will also recreate the talented writer’s living space, offering an intimate glimpse into Eileen Chang’s private world.

Eileen Chang sent a photo to the China Times when she was awarded with the Special Achievement Award of the 17th China Times Prize for Literature in 1994. The sweater she wore in the photo was one of the highlights in TIBE’s pre-exhibition press conference on Dec. 23. According to Political Deputy Minister Ping-kun Tsai from the Ministry of Culture, TIBE has become the most attractive book fair in Asia. The 24th TIBE will be immersed in love, because the guest of honor, Hungary, sets freedom and love as their theme and the Exhibition of Eileen’s Style also centers upon love. Deputy Minister Tsai is confident that visitors will find the fair unique and interesting.

Curator Man Chuan Chang said that the Exhibition of Eileen’s Style is almost a “call for duty” among Eileen Chang’s fans. Many creative individuals in the field of art and literature went out of their way to support this event despite their busy schedules. Their ingenious effort is evident in every corner of the exhibition, from the promotional posters, the pavilion design, live shows to exclusive postcards and stamps.


Talks on Eileen Chang

Several of Eileen Chang’s loyal celebrity fans are invited to hold a series of talks on their impressions of the acclaimed Chinese writer. In one of these talks, Dr. Soong and Mr. Ping will share their views on Eileen Chang as a writer and her influences across the Chinese-speaking world, from the perspectives of an estate executor and a publisher. They will also reveal stories behind the author’s recently-published or republished works such as Little Reunion and The Young Marshal. Ms. Man Chuan Chang will serve as the moderator of the talk, which will be held at 10:30 a.m., Feb. 17, in the Theme Square.


Into Eileen’s Private World

The exhibition will create a space for dialogues between readers and the legendary female writer. People can learn about what Eileen Chang thought of different aspects of life, from dining, clothing, housing to traveling. The original manuscript of Little Reunion will also be showcased for the first time. Readers will be welcomed with multimedia and other innovative ways to enter the author’s private world.

The pavilion will feature Eileen Chang’s living room, study room and balcony, where visitors can take photos and check in on Facebook. The exhibition will also recreate the gray wall from “Love in a Fallen City.” Visitors can write to their special someone on the exclusive Eileen Chang postcards designed by four famous illustrators and put the postcards up on the wall to be a part of the display. In addition, there will be an “Eileen Mailbox” for people to send their postcards.

Some of the illustrations by the female author were made into “Eileen Stamps” for visitors to stamp their notebooks or postcards as souvenirs. The exhibition poster was designed by the Golden Butterfly Award winner, Ms. Xiao-Yi Lin. Ms. Lin extracted the characters on the poster directly from the author’s manuscripts and laid out mists of blossom to accentuate Eileen Chang’s charm. A limited number of free posters will be available in the exhibition.



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