TBFF was initiated by 18 major publishers in 2004, in order to achieve the long-term goals of the annual TIBE and to serve the needs of domestic and international publishers. As the official organizer of TIBE for 2005-2023, we intend to play a key role in providing cultural and business opportunities beyond borders for both Taiwan and overseas publishers.

We intend to make TIBE an effective book fair for the publishing industry and as well as for the general public.


The Taipei Book Fair Foundation was founded by: in alphabetic order

  3S Culture Co., Ltd.,
  Bookman Books Ltd.,
  Buddhall Cultural Enterprise Co.,
  Ltd, China Times Publishing Co., Ltd.,
  Chiu Ko Publishing Co., Ltd.,
  Cite Publishing Group,
  Common Wealth Magazine Co., Ltd.,
  Common Wealth Publishing Group,
  Crown Publishing Group,
  Hsin-Yi Publications,
  Kadokawa Media (Taiwan) Co. Ltd.,
  Linking Publishing Co., Ltd.,
  Locus Publishing Company,
  PsyGarden Publishing Company,
  Sitak Publication Group,
  Taiwan Tohan Co., Ltd.,
  Yuan-Liou Publishing Co., Ltd.,
  Yuen Foong Yu Paper Manufacturing Co. Ltd.